God Gave Me Two Eyes
God Gave Me Two Eyes

God Gave Me Two Eyes

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Verse 1
God gave me two eyes so I can see
God gave me some hair just right for me
God gave me two ears, two cheeks and a chin
God gave me two lips to speak of him

Verse 2
God gave me a brain so I can think
God gave me a tummy for food and drink
God gave me my bones, my muscles and skin
God gave me my heart and I love him

Verse 3 
God gave me two feet so I can run
God gave me my toes, my fingers and thumbs
God gave me my head, my body and limbs
God made all of me, and I thank him

CCLI Song # 7080113 | Megan Lindsay | Simone Richardson | © 2005 Lindsay, Megan (Admin. by Michael Morrow) Richardson, Simone | emumusic.com

Scripture References
Genesis 1, Psalm 139

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