Grace Has Now Appeared
Grace Has Now Appeared

Grace Has Now Appeared

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Verse 1
See the love of God of Father
For our lost and desperate race
Sending to our world a saviour
Full of truth and grace
People who once walked in darkness
Now are dwelling in the light
Undeserving of his kindness
Blindness turned to sight
Dead have come to life

Glory to our God in heaven
Celebrate the Saviour’s birth
Joyful news for all the people
Hope has come to earth
God has comforted his people
Come to drive away our fear
Born for us in David’s city
Grace has now appeared

Verse 2 
See the grace of our Lord Jesus
Who was rich but became poor
In our place he pays our ransom
Satisfies the law
Giving up his life for sinners
Banishing our guilt and shame
Pouring out for us his life-blood
Freeing us from blame
This is why he came

Verse 3
See the Holy Spirit’s power
Overshadow Mary’s womb
Come upon the suffering servant
Raise him from the tomb
He has come to dwell within us
Bringing us from death to life
Giving us the hope of glory
Making us like Christ
Shining forth his light

CCLI Song # 6426257 | © 2012 Rob Smith |

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