How Can This Be
How Can This Be

How Can This Be

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Verse 1
How can this be? Creator in creation
The King of Kings, upon the earth he made
He spoke a word, creation stopped and listened to his voice
O man of men, the perfect life you gave

Verse 2
O sight of sights! A hill outside a city
The Lord of Lords, is hung upon a tree
The world is dark, the light of lights is dying on a cross
Jesus my Lord, sinless made sin for me

Verse 3
There in the tomb, his body lay in waiting
The Lord of Lords is silent in the grave
Then joy of joys! The news that he is risen from the dead
The death of death, he lives until this day

Verse 4
O hope of hopes! Our bodies raised eternal
Transformed, renewed, the night of sin has passed
To this we'll wake, with hearts now pure and thankful evermore
And our dear Lord, we'll see him face to face 

CCLI Song # 4513588 | Philip Percival | Simone Richardson | © Words: 2005 Richardson, Simone Music: 2005 Percival, Philip (Admin. by Philip Gordon Percival)|

Scripture References
Luke 1:26-33, Luke 23:26-49, Luke 24:1-12, 1 Corinthians 15

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