Hymn Of The Saviour
Hymn Of The Saviour

Hymn Of The Saviour

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Verse 1
From the chaos of darkness, your word shaped the earth
In your image a people made
But we traded perfection, the truth for a lie
And your glory was veiled in shame
But a promise made, a blessing you gave,
To a people of your name
For this broken world, a saviour foretold
To bear all our grief and pain

Verse 2
When the heavenly saviour descended his throne 
All my sin on his shoulders laid
And to win our redemption, he suffered and died
For the sake of my guilt and shame
Oh the price he paid in taking my place
So that death was overcome
When the King of love burst forth from the grave
Proclaiming the victr’y won   

Verse 3
At the end of the ages, the world passed away
I will gaze on my saviour’s face
When my heart is perfected and free from my sin
I will rest in your glorious grace
For the song we raise, the works of our hands
Are in service of the King 
When a thousand tongues cry, ’Glory to God’
Forever his praise we’ll sing

CCLI Song # 7134330 | © 2019 Alanna Glover and Philip Percival | emumusic.com

Scripture References: 
Genesis, 1-3, 
John 1:1-4; Romans 1:22-23; Isaiah 53:3-4; 2 Timothy 1:10; Revelation 21:3-4; Colossians 2:13-15

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