I Would Not Live Forever
I Would Not Live Forever

I Would Not Live Forever

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Verse 1
I would not live forever
within this feeble frame
the sands of time will turn on me
and burden me with pain
Why would I face a thousand years 
and weakness only claim?
These brittle bones will sleep in death
And then be born again

Verse 2
I would not live forever

in this corrupted form
I know the ill inside my heart
desires to make a storm
I know if endless strength were mine 
I would not keep my place
I need the grave to check my pride
And lead me to his grace

Verse 3
I would not live forever

in this sin-saddened world
Where ocean loads of tears are shed
and flags of grief unfurled
I would not set my anchor here
I push through sorrow’s straits
Because I know across these waves
a land of joy awaits

CCLI Song # 7091580 | Rob Smith | Simone Richardson | © 2017 Smith, Rob | Richardson, Simone | emumusic.com

Scripture References
Old Testament - Genesis 3:19, Judges 13, Judges 14, Judges 15, Judges 16 , Job 7, Psalm 8, Psalm 89
New Revelation - Revelation 21 

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