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Verse 1
You spoke to the dust
And you breathed life into us
In your image we were made to live

Verse 2
You gave us the world
Even more, you gave us yourself
In your likeness we were made to rule

Even in paradise
Mankind believed the lie
We were king
Perfect now perishing
Goodness unravelling
Stained by sin

Who could save us from our sin
Redeem this broken state we’re in
And rescue us and bring us back to you?
Who could live the perfect life
And make this broken image right
And rescue us to give us life again?

Verse 3
Then Christ came to the earth
As a man, to undo the curse
And he lived the life we could not live

Pre-Chorus 2
All that is good and true
Jesus, is found in you
Perfect one
Risen and glorified
Seated and lifted high

Chorus 2
Jesus saved us from our sin
Redeemed this broken state we’re in
And rescued us to bring us back to you
Jesus lived the perfect life
And made this broken image right
And rescued us to give us life again

Pre-Chorus 3
The first man was made of dust
But you’re transforming us to
Be like Christ 
One day he’ll come again
We will be changed and then
Raised to life

CCLI Song # 7115460 | Liv Chapman | © 2017 Chapman, Liv

Scripture References
Old Testament - Genesis 1-3
New Testament - Romans 5, Romans 8:29, 1 Corinthians 15:45, Ephesians 1, Colossians 1

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