In A Foreign Land
In A Foreign Land

In A Foreign Land

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In a foreign land

In a foreign land
Daniel followed God not man

Verse 1
A bad king made a new law

No more praying anymore
Daniel said I can't obey
He kept praying every day

Verse 2
Daniel was caught by the king

To the lions they threw him
Daniel's chances weren't too good
Daniel was to be cat food

Verse 3
When the king returned next day

Daniel called out I'm ok
My God closed the lions' jaws
Praise and glory to my Lord

CCLI Song # 2447553 | Bryson Smith | Philip Percival | © Words: 1998 Emu Music Australia, Inc. (Admin. by Emu Music Ltd) | Music: Percival, Philip (Admin. by Philip Gordon Percival) |

Scripture References
Daniel 1-6

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