In My Place
In My Place

In My Place

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Verse 1
You for me, you shed your blood to set the guilty free
O Lord, what love is this that takes my place
and bears disgrace for me?

Verse 2
Lost in sin, you died to bring me back to life again
I was your enemy, but you the friend
who paid my debt for me

O how wondrous is your cross
How amazing is your grace
You bore my sin, I am welcomed in
O sweet exchange!
So I give my life to you
And I will live to bring you praise
You felt the wrath, gave yourself in love
In my place, in my place

Verse 3
Calvary, I cannot understand this mystery
The spotless Son of Man is sacrificed
To pay the price for me

Verse 4
Heaven sent, but as my substitute you died my death
So that you might impute your righteousness
to all who will believe

You are the holy one, the Father’s only Son
Yet you were stricken for my transgressions
My God forsaken God, It’s overwhelming love
For by your wounds I am healed

Verse 5
Final breath – you took my condemnation down to death
Now by the power of your risen life
I stand here justified

CCLI Song # 7006895 | Rob Smith | © 2013 Smith, Rob |

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