Jesus Is Our Song
Jesus Is Our Song

Jesus Is Our Song

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Verse 1
One name praised by thousands in assembly
Led his people to freedom through the sea
"My strength, my song, is God who rescues me!"

Singing one song of the king
Faithful God, salvation brings
With our hearts we join the cry
That Jesus is our song

Verse 2 
Hannah finding hope in her redeemer: 
"Lifts up, lays low, destroys and brings to life
My mouth must sing of God who rescues me!"

Verse 3
One hope fulfilled in Mary's song, rejoicing:
"Keeps his promise, and mercy to his child
My soul sings of the God who rescues me"

Verse 4
One name praised by thousands in assembly
One voice, one word, the victory of the lamb
"Holy, worthy, the one who died!" they cry

CCLI Song # 4512723 | Philip Percival | Tony Payne | © 2005 Emu Music Australia, Inc. (Admin. by Emu Music Ltd) Percival, Philip (Admin. by Philip Gordon Percival)|

Scripture References
Exodus 15, 1 Samuel 2, Luke 1:46-56, Revelation 4

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