Make Us Like Jesus
Make Us Like Jesus

Make Us Like Jesus

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Verse 1
Father you know us, know us each one
The things we have suffered, the sins we’ve done
For nothing is hidden from your holy gaze
And yet we are covered, cleansed by your grace

So make us like Jesus, make us like him
To love like our Saviour, be kind like our King
As he has forgiven, may we forgive
His life lived for others – help us to live
For this is the reason your Spirit’s within
To make us like Jesus, make us like him

Verse 2
The hurts and resentments, the anger and rage
The lust and the vengeance, your mercy erase
The fear and the envy, help us put to death
Empowered by your Spirit, sustained by your breath

Verse 3
In doubt and in darkness, teach us to pray
to serve one another, and long for the day
To bear persecution with hope in our veins
Upheld by your promise, your grace to proclaim

CCLI No: 6426329 | © 2012 Rob Smith |

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