No Love Is Higher
No Love Is Higher

No Love Is Higher

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Verse 1
Our God abounds in grace towards us
He has turned his wrath away
Crowns us with love and satisfies us
Renews our life out from the grave
All my inmost being praise the Lord

No love is higher higher
No love is wider wider
No king is greater greater
Jesus you reign
Jesus you reign

Verse 2
Our God has formed us from the earth’s dust
So we fear his pow’r and glory
Yet with confidence we feel loved
For he calls his children holy

As far as the east is from the west 
So far has he forgiven
As high as the heavens are above the earth 
So great is his love

CCLI Song # 7115796 | Curtis Smith | James West | Liv Chapman | © Smith, Curtis | Chapman, Liv | Remaining portion is unaffiliated |

Scripture References
Old Testament -   Psalm 103

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