Now By Faith
Now By Faith

Now By Faith

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Verse 1
We who shunned the hand that fed us 
On and on since time began 
We ignored the one who made us 
As if life came from our hand 
We had no place with the holy 
We were not named with the rest 
We had no hope for the future 
We the living, dead at best!

Now by faith we can call God our Father
Heads held high, here we stand, here we stay
Now by faith we can serve just one Master
Just one Lord, just one king to obey

It was not that we proved worthy
In our hopeless desperate strife: 
God alone has worked to save us 
Our life giver gave his life
Faith is when we come believing 
That our rescue is complete 
Faith entrusts our whole lives to him
Lays it all down at his feet 

CCLI Song # 2573568 | Nicky Chiswell | © 1998 Chiswell, Nicky|

Scripture References
Matthew 6:24, Romans 4:25-5:2, Romans 6:4, Ephesians 2:4-18