Revive Us
Revive Us

Revive Us

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Verse 1
Father we come to you now
Trusting again in your power
Humble and heal us this hour
In Jesus’ name
Help us repent of our ways
Our failures in seeking your face
Open our hearts to your grace
This is our prayer

Revive us, O Lord
Send forth your Spirit
Unsheathe your sword
And break through our chains
By the power of your word
Revive us, revive us, revive us, O Lord

Verse 2
Idols have captured our land
We worship the works of our hands
Lord for too long we have built
Houses on sand
Teach us to number our days
Cause us to walk in your ways
Boldly proclaiming your praise
Until you come

CCLI Song # 4292627 © 2003 Rob Smith

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