Rock of Our Salvation
Rock of Our Salvation

Rock of Our Salvation

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Verse 1
Have you heard the day is coming
When the things our hearts have loved
Dust and ashes ever-failing
Will be seen for what they are

Verse 2
Can you hear a voice now calling
Saying this is not the end
Come and walk new ways of blessing
And sing a new song to our Lord

Chorus 1
He’s the rock of our salvation
We will trust and be not afraid
He’s the sure and firm foundation
When every other ground gives way

Verse 3
Have you heard the condemnation
Who could pay the dreadful price
But look the silent suffering servant
Took on death to give us life

Verse 4
Can you hear the voice of splendour
Calling out whom shall I send
To be a light to every nation
Send me Lord God here I am

The former things will be forgotten
A new creation descends at last
All fear and loss will be no more
All grief and sorrow and tears will pass

Mountains and trees will clap their hands
We’ll enter Zion with songs of joy
And every eye will see his glory
Our king exalted forevermore

Alternate Chorus
He’s the Rock of our Salvation
Soon our hearts will be renewed
Crowned in everlasting gladness
And Jesus’ splendour fills our view

CCLI Song # 6622848 | Gavin Perkins | Liv Chapman | © 2013 Perkins, Gavin | Chapman, Liv

Scripture References
Old Testament - Psalm 62, Psalm 103, Isaiah 6, Isaiah 55
New Testament - Matthew 28:16-20, Romans 8, 1 Thessalonians 4, Revelation 21

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