Sorrow Fades
Sorrow Fades

Sorrow Fades

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Verse 1
The God who has stretched out the heavens
The earth, its foundations laid
Is comfort and hope for the righteous
Redemption is in his name

Verse 2
Your justice is light to the nations
Your mercy will never fade
For those he has called as his children 
Salvation will never fail

There’s a city, there’s a place,
Filled with the sound of singing
Songs of gladness, songs of joy,
We will lift up our voice in praise as 
Sorrow fades

Verse 3
For the joy that our God set before him
Our Lord took the road to the tree
To suffer the pain and the anguish
To set his beloved free

Verse 4
With eyes fixed on Jesus before us
We wait for the day to come
The day when we feast with our saviour 
The day when he calls us home 

CCLI Song # 7168141 | © 2020 Alanna Glover & Philip Percival 

Scripture References
Old Testament - Isaiah 51
New Testament - 
Hebrews 8

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