The Glory Of God
The Glory Of God

The Glory Of God

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Verse 1
We won’t need the sun 
We won’t need the moon
For the white hot glory of our God
He will be our light
There will be no night
Living in the glory of our God

Though it’s hidden
Though we’re hurting
Though we walk through fire
Days of struggle 
Nights of sorrow
Are only for a time

For the earth will be filled 
With the glory of God 
As the waters cover the sea

Verse 2
Trembling with fear

They could not get near
The mountain of the glory of our God
In the cloud by day
In the fire by night
Guided by the glory of our God

Chosen people
Heard and rescued 
So the world could see
Power and mercy, grace and glory
God himself revealed

Verse 3
Jesus face shone bright

Clothes as white as light
Shining with glory of our God
‘Listen to this one
My beloved Son”
Fullness of the glory of our God

Though we tremble
Though unworthy
We have been brought near
By His mercy
For His glory
We will now declare

CCLI Song # 7002162 | Greg Cooper | Nicky Chiswell | © 2012 Rhinoceros Music (Admin. by Rhinoceros Publishing) | Chiswell, Nicky |

Scripture References
Old Testament - Psalm 30, Habakkuk 2:14
New Testament - Matthew 17:1–8, Mark 9:2–8, Luke 9:28–36, 2 Peter 1:16–18, Revelation 21

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