The Light (2001)
The Light (2001)

The Light (2001)

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Verse 1
All who are poor in spirit
Thirsty and hungry ones
The humble showing mercy
These are the blessed ones

Verse 2
Those who are pure in heart
Those who make peace not strife
Those who will suffer wrong
Just for the sake of right

Pre-Chorus 1
These are the ones
Who are called sons of God

Shine like the stars in the dark sky
Bring to this world the word of life!

Verse 3
Jesus the one true light came
Shining into the world
Light to the deepest darkness
Light that brings life to us

Pre-Chorus 2
Don’t hide the light
Let it shine bright to all!

CCLI Song # 3396672 | © 2000 Nicky Chiswell |

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