The Miracle in the Manger
The Miracle in the Manger
The Miracle in the Manger

The Miracle in the Manger

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Release Date: 8 October, 2021

During the Christmas season, there are many fun and wonderful things to enjoy: counting down the days with Advent calendars, decorating Christmas trees, singing Christmas carols, opening presents, and much more...
With all the excitement, it's easy to forget or even miss what is most amazing about Christmas - The Miracle in the Manger!  Let’s journey back in time to eyewitness the very first Christmas and discover afresh something we will never stop celebrating!

'What a delightful idea: the familiar stories of Christmas, retold in a way that brings out the gospel clearly, along with songs to learn and sing that lodge these truths deep in our children's hearts. A great concept well executed.' 
Tony Payne - Author & Director of Matthias Media

Product Details: 52 pages, Hardcover, 21cmx21cm

Judith Hickel, an Australian living in Germany, is passionate about using music to teach and share the wonderful truths of the Bible. Along with looking after her three boys, Judith leads the German Emu Music Team. 

Klaus Hickel is the pastor of the German-speaking congregation of Leipzig English Church. He loves studying, teaching, and sharing God's Word - especially over a cup of coffee. 

Dan McGregor is an American illustrator and painter who teaches in the Art & Design Department at Abilene Christian University, Texas. 

The Miracle of Christmas
Lyrics & Music: Judith Hickel
Vocals: Alanna Glover
Backing Track: Michael Morrow
CCLI # 7183564