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Verse 1
Where are you, Lord, in the depths of my anguish?
Where are you, Lord, when I war with my mind? 
Loud are the devil's taunts, as he surrounds me
Where in the dark will I find you?

But you have not changed, and you are not changing
And your promises, they will remain
Your sacrifice is never undone
For you are my faith when I have none

Verse 2
Where are you, Lord, when I lie awake weeping?
Where are you, Lord, when I endure pain?
Weak is my anxious heart, fear all around me
Where in the night will I find you? 

Verse 3
You are the Lord who endured suffering
You are the Lord who went to the cross
Dying a sinner's death, for my redemption
You are my hope, you are my song


CCLI Song # 7169077 | © 2020 Jennifer Denny, Liam Denny & Alanna Glover

Scripture References
New Testament - James 1:17

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