We Will Go (Send Us)
We Will Go (Send Us)

We Will Go (Send Us)

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Verse 1
We are the voice of a generation
Seeking the kingdom of God today
Looking at Jesus to imitate him
Lives changed forever by his grace

Verse 2
We have the message of salvation 
For all to call on Christ the Lord
‘Cause Jesus is better than earthly treasures 
Our Saviour, a friend and a king for all

We will go in the name of the Father, Son and Spirit,
We will teach and proclaim your saving grace
You will always be with us
You will give us our strength
Send us out in the power of your name

Verse 3
We are the members of a nation
Called to be living as salt and light
With Jesus as our firm foundation
We go out in the strength of Christ

The harvest is ripe Lord, your kingdom come
May your Spirit move, may your Spirit move.
We pray now in faith Lord, your will be done
The world needs you, the world needs you

CCLI Song # 7115809 | Curtis Smith |   © 2018 Smith, Curtis 

Scripture References
New Testament - Matthew 28:16-20

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