What A Man, Abraham
What A Man, Abraham

What A Man, Abraham

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Verse 1
A long long time ago
When Abraham was old
God promised him a great big family
It seemed too hard to do
Too good to become true
Yet Abraham said Yes God
I believe You can

What a man Abraham
Trusting God when he can't understand
What a man, Abraham
Man oh man
I want to have faith like Abraham

Verse 2
As well as family
God promised land and trees
A special place to call his very own
So Abraham did go
To see his promised home
And Abraham said Yes God
I believe You can

Verse 3
And lastly but not least
God said You will be blessed
Your name will be made great
In all the earth
You'll be my special one
I'll bless the world through you
And Abraham said yes God
I believe You can

CCLI Song # 2447481 | Bryson Smith | Philip Percival | © Words: 1998 Emu Music Australia, Inc. (Admin. by Emu Music Ltd) | Music: 1998 Percival, Philip (Admin. by Philip Gordon Percival) | emumusic.com

Scripture References
Old Testament - Genesis 12:1-3, Genesis 15, Genesis 17
New Testament - Romans 4

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