You Never Change (Acoustic)
You Never Change (Acoustic)

You Never Change (Acoustic)

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This is an acoustic recording. The original version of this track is available here.

Verse 1
Light of the world, Lord of all love
Heavenly Son, sent from above
We are your bride, bought at great cost
Saved by your blood, born of your cross
Gathered as one we bring you praise
All of our lives, all of our days

For you never change – yesterday, today and forever
Always the same – yesterday, today and forever
Jesus our Lord, faithful and true
Day after day your mercies are new
We worship your name
You never change

Verse 2
Shepherd and friend, Saviour and King
Shelter we’ve found under your wings
You never fail, slumber or sleep
Year after year, leading your sheep
Lord we are yours, we’re not our own
You are our Rock, you are our home

Verse 3
Hear us, we pray, ‘Lord Jesus Come.
Heaven come down, your will be done.’
Gather your church, saved by your power
Carried through time, kept for this hour
When we will rise, seeing your face
Casting our crowns, praising your grace

CCLI Song # 5667859 | Rob Smith | © 2009 Rob Smith |

Scripture References
New Testament – John 1, John 8:12, John 10:11, Hebrews 13:8, Revelation 21, Revelation 22

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